Privacy Policy

As a responsible credit referral agency, we are highly determined to protect your sensitive information when you use our website. That is why; we have compiled our privacy policy. Please read it carefully before using the site.

Information collected by us

When you visit our website or use it for loan application and acquisition, we collect your personal and non-personal information. This helps us to serve you better and help you get the loan you are looking for.

We use the collected information to-

  • Introduce you new products and services,
  • Help you find the suitable loan deals,
  • Verify the legitimacy of the information,
  • Track your previous credit records,
  • Collection of the loaned money, etc.

Information sharing

We share the collected information with our panel of credit lenders and authorized advisers so that they can provide you a suitable loan deal as per your current financial condition, employment status and repayment potential.

Don’t get worried we never share your information with any unauthorized third parties. However, we will have no option, but to share your details with the law enforcement agencies if you are wanted by the law of the land in case of fraudulent fiscal activities.


Our website is safe for use. We use the latest internet security technology and antivirus to keep our website safe from malicious activities. We have attacked SSL certificate to our website to protect the financial transactions on our website. Apart from this, our security experts conduct the security audit from time-to-time to find the possible security loopholes and get rid of them completely.

Your responsibility

You should also be careful about the security of your data. Keep the login details safe and don’t share it with others. Change your password at regular intervals to protect your E-account on our portal.

Notification of Change

We reserve our right to change the privacy policy without notifying you in advance. So, please keep visiting our website regularly so that you may keep yourself up-to-date about our privacy policy and use the site accordingly.

Cookie policy

We use cookies to increase your web browsing experience and protect your data. As a matter of fact, cookies are small information that we deliver to your system when you browse the website. We make use of cookies to serve a lot of purposes, such as –

  • To assign an identification number to your web browser,
  • To know whether you have visited our website previously or not,
  • To track your communication with us and serve you accordingly,
  • To know the third party pages you have visited through us,
  • To stop fraud activities, etc.

Always be sure that we don’t collect your personal information through cookies. Cookies enable us to serve your needs efficiently and swiftly. Cookies don’t harm your system in any way. If you don’t want cookies to be delivered to your system, you can use your browser’s setting to block cookies. This will not affect our core business. You can use our website as usual, but you will be able to access some features of our website.

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